「bloody tears」

the only secret people keep is immortality

follow my blood.

Her name is Nana. She is German and lives in Germany. She is 18 years old and her birthday is the 27th December. Her sign is capricorn. She studies psychology on an university. Nana is deep in love and his own. They're lovebirds. ♥ She is tiny, a bit selfish and greedy, also an innocent girl, who gets hurt really easily.

Him ♥, anime & manga, Umineko, Sound Horizon, Vocaloid, Rozen Maiden, Visual Novels, Noizi Ito art, Saya-chan, her piano & violin, writing songs, daydreaming, listening to music, purple, red, black & white { monochrome }, designing graphics, devils, dolls & puppets, chess, bitchy / insane characters

Some certain people, rude people, people hurting others on purpose, broken promises, being embarrassed, bugs, uni ( sometimes ), imitators

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